The Simple Steps program has developed a turnkey online kit portal for utilities to opt into. Simple Steps offers a variety of kit options to accommodate any utility size or budget. A utility-branded online portal is the hub of the interface with utility customers. Your customers can use the Simple Steps online portal to choose the Energy Saver Kit that best fits their household needs, and we ship it directly to their door. For more information or to start configuring your Kit Portal, contact the Simple Steps team at


The Simple Steps team has partnered with TechniArt, who has developed an online request website and provides kit fulfillment services. The website serves as a portal for utility customers to access and request offers available from participating utilities. To link a customer to their utility provider, the user will first be asked to select their utility from a dropdown list and then input their zip code. The portal will confirm the user’s ZIP matches a ZIP serviced by their selected utility and then load that utility’s branded page. The utility’s webpage will display the utility’s name and logo at the top and provide information on the kit configuration(s) and products they support. Kits are delivered in a box with a utility branded, color label. Packaging, shipping, and inserts are also included in the cost of the kits.


Kit configurations are designed to accommodate a variety of price points and budget commitments. Products were selected based on demand in the marketplace, savings potential, and cost effectiveness. They include:

Product configurations and pricing are detailed in the table below. The pricing listed includes shipping.

Configuration BPA Payment/ Kit Utility Cost/ Kit
4 LED $10.00 $15.00
8 LED $21.00 $25.00
4 LED, 1 APS $27.00 $35.00
8 LED, 1 APS $38.00 $45.00
4 LED, 1 Showerhead, 2 Bath Aerator, 1 Kitchen Aerator $35.00 $35.00
8 LED, 1 Showerhead, 2 Bath Aerator, 1 Kitchen Aerator $60.00 $50.00
4 LED, 1 TSV+Showerhead (combo), 2 Bath Aerator, 1 Kitchen Aerator $40.00 $40.00
8 LED, 1 TSV+Showerhead (combo), 2 Bath Aerator, 1 Kitchen Aerator $65.00 $55.00
4 LED, 1 APS, 1 Showerhead, 2 Bath Aerator, 1 Kitchen Aerator $50.00 $50.00
8 LED, 1 APS, 1 Showerhead, 2 Bath Aerator, 1 Kitchen Aerator $70.00 $60.00
4 LED, 1 APS, 1 TSV+Showerhead (combo), 2 Bath Aerator, 1 Kitchen Aerator $65.00 $65.00
8 LED, 1 APS, 1 TSV+Showerhead (combo), 2 Bath Aerator, 1 Kitchen Aerator $85.00 $75.00


  1. Customer is linked to the online kit request website through utility marketing such as a newsletter, webpage or bill insert.
  2. Customer visits the webpage where they can select their electric utility provider from a drop-down list and enter their zip code.
    • If the zip code is eligible, the customer is routed to the kit order page (step 3 below).
    • If the zip code is ineligible, they receive the following pop-up message:

      “Sorry, this offer is only available to residential electric customers. Kits from this offer will only be shipped to qualifying ZIP codes within the participating utility's territory.

      If you have any questions regarding your eligibility, please send an email to:

      Please include your name and address to help us verify your eligibility with the participating utility.”
  3. The kit order page (or online store) is customizable and can offer one or more kit options or a combination of kits and/or individual items. A banner at the top of the page will showcase the participating utility’s name. The banner can also showcase the utility logo and customizable messaging to address shipping details, quantity limits, or other messages.
    • The details for each product are provided to the left of a picture of each item.
  4. Once the customer clicks the “Add to Cart” button, they are taken to their shopping cart. They then have the option of removing or updating items, emptying their cart, continuing to shop, or proceeding to checkout.
    • If a utility has chosen to limit the number of items per customer, a message will appear under the “Empty Cart” or “Continue Shopping” button requesting the customer adjust their cart to the utility specified limit.
  5. To check out, the customer must enter their shipping address. If the shipping zip code is outside of the participating utilities’ service territory, the customer will receive the following pop-up message:

    “The shipping zip code you entered does not qualify!”
    After clicking “OK” on the pop-up, the customer can enter their shipping address again.

  6. Once the customer enters an eligible shipping address, they can review the order.
  7. After reviewing the order, the customer can click the “Place Order” button. The customer will receive the following pop-up after the order is placed:

    “Thank you for your order!
    Your order has been successfully processed. You will receive an email receipt shortly.
    If you have any questions in regards to your order, please contact"